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Serving the Legislative Assembly

The Auditor General examines and reports on how well the provincial government accounts for the resources entrusted to it, and how well it manages its operations. This is achieved by conducting objective, fact-based web cờ bạc online financial statement audits and web cờ bạc online project audits.

Supported by a staff of more than 55 individuals, the Auditor General serves the Legislative Assembly, and in turn, all Manitobans.

Manitobans – and especially public servants – are encouraged to utilize the Auditor General’s confidential web cờ bạc online citizen concerns line to report suspected mismanagement, misuse of assets, or fraud within the provincial government.

All visitors are encouraged to explore this website to learn more. Audit reports going back more than 2 decades are available for download. More information is also available under the About and Resources tabs.